Did you know? Roughly 40% of all engagements happen between the months of November and February.  Thats right… thats NOW!  Theres a bunch of newly engaged couples in the RGV that are ready and eager to start their planning process.  How exciting!! As a wedding professional, this means there is a money to be made.  Below you will learn 3 tips to help you get ready for wedding season.

3 Tips that will prepare you for Wedding Season.

1. Update your print marketing materials

If you are still handing out brochures with images from 2015, it may be time to freshen things up.  Your business card is often the first and most basic tool you will use when meeting potential clients at your office or at Expos.  If they need to be updated, take the time to work with a designer to spruce them up.  Remember, you will be competing against other professionals. It’s important that these engaged couples walk away from your consultation with fresh, polished, and professional looking marketing materials. Your marketing pieces set the stage for your brand, your image, and could make the difference between hiring you and your competitor.  The same principles apply to any print ads you are currently running such as on RGV Wedding and Quince Guide. Your brand should be connected and consistent across all your marketing efforts.

2. Freshen up your website

When girls return to their office the Monday morning after getting engaged, what do you think they are working on?  Thats right… their wedding.  Statistics show that the highest online traffic for wedding industry websites happen on Monday mornings.  They will be looking for ideas, inspiration, tips, tutorials, timelines, vendors, reviews, etc. If you Eventually they will come across your website.  You have about 3 seconds to make a good impression.  Make sure you have professional photos (not phone photos) with clean and clear navigation as well as all the different ways they can get in contact with you.  If your site looks dated, takes forever to load, or doesn’t load right on her smart phone, she will jump off your site and you will loose an opportunity to make money.

3. Evaluate your pricing

Obviously this part is going to be different everyone depending on the type of service you provide. Start by looking at your numbers from last year and determine if you need to make any modifications to your pricing. Then make the decision if you want to increase your rates or keep them the same. Ideally you will want to increase a small percentage year after year. You will need to find your sweet spot and see what works for you.

So let’s all set aside some time to focus ON your business to get ready for wedding season and prepare to have your best year yet this 2019 !  Go get’em tiger ! 


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April 7, 2019