Customers keep their mobile phones on hand, making it easy to communicate your message to them.

Consistently, studies have found SMS – whether sent between individuals or via bulk SMS – are almost guaranteed to be read. Today, you’re already flooded with information and various media bleeping for your attention. Knowing that SMS messages will actually be read is massively advantageous. Reach engaged couples right when you need to.


No monthly service charges. Only pay for the contacts you wish to use.


¢ 45 / Per Contact
  • Shared Marketing Number
  • Standard Text message up to 160 characters
  • Up to 1 web link


¢ 65 / Per Contact
  • Shared Marketing Number
  • Standard Text Message up to 320 characters
  • Graphic File or Photo Included
  • Up to 4 web links
Best Value


Dedicated Local Number

Use your own dedicated telephone number from which to send your marketing sms messages.
$10 / month

Toll Free Number

Use a dedicated Toll Free telephone number from which to send your marketing sms messages.
$15 / month


Use keywords is to easily send a relevant auto-reply to customers as another avenue of customer service.
$5 / keyword

Reply Enabled

Users can reply to the sms marketing message and will be received to the mobile number of your choice.
$5 / month

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SMS stands for Short Message Service. SMS or text message are short messages that can be sent and received by a mobile phone. With a SMS, you can send a message of up to 160 characters to another device. Longer messages will automatically be split up into several parts. Most cell phones support this type of text messaging.

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service and this type of text messaging is an evolution of the SMS. With a MMS, you can send a message including pictures, video, or audio content to another device. It is most commonly used to send a photo taken with a camera phone to another phone. Most new cell phones with multimedia capabilities support MMS.

Text messages are a short and convenient way of communicating. According to research, the adoption of mobile devices is in the billions worldwide and a device is nearly always in someone’s hand. Text messages arrive right in someone’s pocket, no matter where they are. Email is still really useful, but for short communication, text messaging is the best.

Typically, your text will arrive on their phone within a few seconds. Please keep in mind, the delivery of the message still relies on the carrier; during very busy times, the carrier’s network (itself) could experience a delay.

Keywords used on shared telephone numbers will limited to availability. There would need to be a creative way of coming up with a keyword that is not being used by another client. On the other hand, if you have purchased your dedicated marketing telephone number then you have the flexibility of using whatever keyword you like. The amount of keywords you would like to implement is up to you as they are charged on a per keyword.